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Custom Fit Shoes and Arch Supports

Perfectly fitting

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(Please note: We make custom arch supports, but the PW Minor shoes we sell are not custom made. They are stock shoes. By taking a foam mold of your feet, we determine which size shoe you need. This takes the trial, error and guesswork out of buying properly fitting shoes from an online store.)

We have over 30 years experience fitting shoes from Foamarts. A Foamart is a cardboard box with special foam inside. You step into the foam and it leaves an impression of your foot. We use several devices for measuring foot length and width, you supply the girth measurement at the ball of the foot. Instructions with picture showing how to measure girth is sent with the Foamart box.

Of course, we need to know about any special needs you have, such as edema, arthritis, diabetes, AFO's, or any other symptoms that effect your feet and/or legs.

Also, if your feet are Badly-Mismatched, and we can fit you with two different size shoes for a "size check" fitting, then have the shoes made for you Mis-mated for an additional cost of $135.00 This is a special charge for making up a single pair of shoes. It is much les than having to purchase two pair of shoes to be able to fit both feet and much less than custom made footwear at $800 and up.

No other shoe manufacturer offers this range of size selection...anywhere in the world.


"The dilemma, what do I do...?
How can I go out and go to the store? Nothing will accomodate my swollen foot."

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Frequently Asked Questions
- Corrective Footwear:
Why do I need an expert's help?

- What are Orthopedic Shoes or
Arch Support Shoes?

- What is plantar facitis, fallen arches?

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Are your feet badly mismatched?
We can fit you with two different size shoes for a "size check" fitting, then have the shoes made for you mis-matched for only $100 upcharge.

A significant savings for custom Made Footwear in todays' market normally costing $800 and up.

Please call 858-792-7671 if you have any questions at all regarding your feet or fitting shoes for you.

If we are unavailable, leave a message and we will return your call.

Seymour Phillips


Made in the USA

Corrective Fit Shoes
made with extra depth to allow room for arch supports for:

- Tired, Aching Feet
- Arthritis
- Plantar Fasciatis
- AFO's (Ankle, Foot Orthoses)
- Diabetes
- Stroke Victims
- Geriatric Conditions
- Hammertoes
- Bunions
- Congenital Deformities
- Arch Problems
- Prolonged Standing
- Narrow Feet or Wide Feet
- Foot Trauma
- Orthopedic Foot Conditions
- Arch Supports
- Comfort Lasts
- Deerskin Uppers
- Plastizote PPT inlays

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