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What is an AFO? Its true name is Ankle/Foot/ Orthosis

It is generally used when a person has lost the ability to hold the foot up when stepping out and forward in a natural walking motion, ( loss of dorsi flection). This may occur due to surgery, stroke, or an accident.

The brace is generally custom made to serve as a support for and under the foot, molded around the ankle and up behind the calf of the leg. Velcro straps, over the instep, and also closing around the brace at the calf.

The brace does create fitting problems for many people. The brace generally does well by being fitted with P.W. Minor Extra Depth or Super Depth Shoes. The brace generally will take up an additional full size to a full size and one half in length, and two extra widths in width. Often necessitating purchasing two pairs of shoes.

I have fit and helped many people with this type of brace problem, leading to a more normal walking and comfortable shoe fitting.

Seymour Phillips

Made in the USA

Corrective Fit Shoes
made with extra depth to allow room for arch supports for:

- Tired, Aching Feet
- Arthritis
- Plantar Fasciatis
- AFO's (Ankle, Foot Orthoses)
- Diabetes
- Stroke Victims
- Geriatric Conditions
- Hammertoes
- Bunions
- Congenital Deformities
- Arch Problems
- Prolonged Standing
- Narrow Feet or Wide Feet
- Foot Trauma
- Orthopedic Foot Conditions
- Arch Supports
- Comfort Lasts
- Deerskin Uppers
- Plastizote PPT inlays

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